Ken Wilber, the AQAL Map, Health and Laughter

Ken Wilber, the AQAL Map, Health and Laughter: Science, Philosophy, and Spirituality

An extension of Ken Wilber's integral AQAL map, healing thinking (logic), proper language, and a dynamic mandala encompassing the nonduality of the unnamable mystery, wholeness and fragmentation.

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On Ken Wilber’s AQAL MAP:


AQAL, reproduced with permission from Wilber, K. 2007. The Integral Vision. Shambhala, Boston & London, Fig. 19, p. 151.

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Ken Wilber and Healthy Thinking

Ken Wilber’s AQAL Dogma

Ken Wilber's AQAL Map and Korzybski's General Semantics

Ken Wilber, Humor, and Laughter

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On Health, Holism (Wholeness), and Holiness (Sacredness):



Toward Better Health and More Sanity in Our Lives and Society

Body, Speech, and Mind

Healthy Language-Behavior and Spirituality

Ken Wilber and Healthy Thinking

My book manuscript Healing Thinking and Being (Health through healing thinking)

My Open Book Wholeness, Fragmentation, and the Unnamable: Holism, Materialism, and Mysticism - A Mandala (including appendices on The Human Condition and Lessons from the 20th Century for the 21st Century)

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Laughter, including Laughter Yoga

Ken Wilber, humour, and laughter

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Plant Morphology: The Investigation of Plant Form

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The three major sections of this website (Ken Wilber’s AQAL Map, Health, and Laughter) overlap, that is, each one contains also some of the topics of the others. The Quotes, About me, and Questions and Answers comprise ideas of all three major sections in addition to other topics .

My critical appreciation of Ken Wilber, his comprehensive AQAL map and integral philosophy leads to an even more comprehensive map, the
dynamic mandala, a map of maps that complement one another in a playful way of healing tolerance.

How do I see the connection between Ken Wilber and his AQAL map on the one hand, and health (through
healing thinking) and laughter on the other hand? The AQAL map implies healthy thinking and healing thinking to a great extent. I emphasize, however, modes of thinking and logic that heal to a still greater extent. And, like Wilber, I suggest that ultimately we have to go beyond all thought and thinking. Dance and laughter are two easily approachable doors that can lead from the thinking mind to what is called no-mind in Zen-Buddhism and Mind (with a capital M, that is, Big Mind) in Tibetan Buddhism.

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